Unlimited video templates to grow your social media FAST.

Works with iOS & Android. Cancel anytime.

Skip the editing process.

Finished project files with all clips synched to a handpicked song, including zoom & speed effects, and other elements that make a video successful on social media.

Record, replace... done.

Get ready to be able to solely focus on creating the shots and ditch the editing. Simply replace the clips in the timeline and you’re done!

Made by leading creators.

Get access to the work of leading content creators that attract thousands of views with their videos.

Color presets

Get access to the Zen Masters Color Presets bundle that features 20+ premium LUTs, optimized for mobile videography.

Sound effects

Get access to additional sound effects. A ‘whoosh’ sound for example will make a transition or quick camera movement much more exciting to watch.

Stocks & Overlays

Get access to various overlay footage and express your unique style. 


Full access to our premium mobile videography course + the Video Zen Masters community so you will never be left alone if you need help.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is VN installed on your device. Once you’ve downloaded one of the templates you just need to replace the shots in the timeline with your own shots, export, and your video is ready to post!

The Fastlane is the world’s first template library that features full project files for social media videos from real practicing commercial content creators.

This means you can take advantage of carefully crafted video concepts that have already been proven to attract thousands of views on social media and don’t look like the post-apocalyptic dog videos your aunt keeps posting.

All templates are built in VN which is a FREE app that works on both iOS & Android.

App Store

Google Play Store

By purchasing our templates you don’t get any license or special usage rights for the songs that are included in our templates. – Yet you may still use the songs through the licensing of Instagram and TikTok. We recommend that you check if Instagram Music is available in your country before using our templates.

The Fastlane is flexible. You can easily cancel or pause your account anytime by sending a message to contact@videozenmasters.com.




$ 33.25 / month

$598.80 $399/year

Total Value: $1,586.00


$ 49.90 / month




Total Value: $1,586.00

What people are saying



Imani Gayle about the Fastlane:

“THIS is gold…omg thanks guys! I enjoyed the bootcamp and the next problem was how time consuming it was to edit and complete my projects I have ZERO excuses now 🥲🥲
I just finished an edit in 10mins omfg



Sarah Bakkas about the Fastlane:

“This is absolutely BRILLIANT !!!
Thank god someone thought about doing THIS.. I even wonder how they got this idea.

As a Marketing Manager, me and my team literally spend hours making reels..
This is a real life changer..
So many choices, all the trends music, this is amazing.

Only thing we have to do is replacing the videos with our own content.

Big PLUS : they have amazing color presets..

Highly recommended, you won’t regret !”



Ikumi Otsubo about the Fastlane:

“A real time saver for me as a content creator! This library is so well elaborated and super easy to use.

Just need to download templates, and replace the different videos with mine. I love the included presets too!

Happy to know that the library will always be updated with new templates.

I can only recommend!

The value of the library is insane, thanks Guys!”



Ananta Wijaya about the Fastlane:

“I love how simple this product is! It cuts the editing process that always takes quite a lot of my time. I have been using these templates for my Real Estate business and the results are amazing. Overall: hassle-free and efficient!

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