Learn how to make STELLAR videos on your phone that make people stare, replay and follow you.

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Your instructors:

Mario Prawira


Content Creator on Instagram and TikTok

Julius Luca


Professional Video Marketer & Producer

Who is this for?

The Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to be able to create better video content with their phones. Whether that is to promote your own business, to create content for other businesses or to simply inspire your friends.

Why does it exist?

Mobile videography is the future. Smartphone cameras are already starting to surpass regular cameras in terms of features and efficiency. Learn how to make use of this massive shift and turn your phone into a professional content creation machine.

Where does it happen?

The Video Zen Masters | Bootcamp consists of pre-recorded video lessons that you can access through a one-time payment anytime, anywhere.


Johanna W. about the Bootcamp:

„This was such an eyeopener!
Thanks for providing an online course, that was not only fun to watch, but also provided so much value in such a short amount of time! Truly “Zen” :)”


Karol S. about the Bootcamp:

„Thank you for this unique course. You are the best. Knowledge, inspiration, full professionalism. Thank you for everything and I look forward to the next mobile courses. I recommend it with all my heart to everyone.”


Bunlim T. about the Bootcamp:

„I loved every single second of it. Video Zen Masters provides unique experience like nothing else and it makes videography feel so much easier—highly recommended for beginners. This bootcamp is definitely a steal for that price!”

Course content

In under an hour we will teach you how you can turn your phone into a professional content creation machine. Here is how:









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